VERSA 1100

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VERSA 1100


Large volume range (nL to mL),
Multi-channel liquid handling module, including:
8 channel SyringePipettor (one channel can be used independently for master-mix preparation, cherry picking, etc)
Please enquire about our 16-channel and 96-channel liquid handling module options ,
5 – 8 channel ReagentDrop cluster for bulk dispensing of reagents,
Disposable tip changer and autoclavable tubes reduce cross-contamination issues,
Compatible with most commercially available kits,
User friendly drag-and-drop software,
UV / Fluorescent light / HEPA-filter hood option,
Aqueous / Organic solvent compatibility,
Small footprint,
Integratable with third party equipment

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The VERSA 1100 automated liquid handling workstation revolutionizes research and development in laboratories around the world. This multi-channel liquid handling system maximizes accuracy, precision and throughput while minimizing time and consumable costs. It offers flexibility in volume range, liquid handling modules, deck modules and labware adapters for custom applications used in specific protocols. Brochure
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